The sky is our jungle.

The most affordable way to fly... everywhere.

Your world low and slow under your control.

Gibbon 300 solo


Take off anywhere

fly anywhere low and slow.

Lowest costs per hour

Great fun and adventure

Designed for your comfort.

Special designed harness, swing arms with double bearings on each side. Multi adjustable arms. Just a view characteristics that wil you fly in comfort.

Gibbon 300

The small trike that does it all. Solo, tandem and with swing arms. foldable in a view minutes to take the fun with you to your next adventure.

Join the top pilots in the slalom competitions with Baboon boxer 260 Racing Pro. Smart anti torque system complete ajusteble to your preference as slalom pilot.  Click here to configure your baboon

The best sound for your flight. Made by Sky Monkey, in the Netherlands.

Triangle flight education.

We are there for you. Together with your flight school and Sky Monkey your flying dreams will take off. we call that the triangle flight training. Our little paramotor Funkey Monkey wil let you fly safe and relaxt on your first flights. Soon more info about our small Monkey.

What Sky Monkey pilots are saying

Sky Monkey Boxer RP 1600